About Barber Lucio Krispy Kutz

Barber Lucio Krispy Kutz is a barbershop in Los Banos, CA that provides all the services that a traditional barbershop provides. I have been in business for over two years, and I strive to make my clients happy and confident in what they got. I also go the extra mile to communicate with my clients for appointments and make sure I give them the best service. I have a Barbicide certificate and a barber's license. I hope to continue to educate men in our community on how to better groom themselves. I look forward to being able to share my knowledge and expertise with you, so please come and visit me at Barber Lucio Krispy Kutz today!

• Haircuts - $35
• Kid's Haircuts - $30
• Beard - $10
• Eyebrows - $10
• Hard Part for Comb Over - $5
• Designs - plus $10
• Simple Gentleman Haircuts - $20 to $25
• Hot Towels - $10
• Enhancements - $5 to $10
• After Hours or Before Hours - extra $10